People gonna hate if you make it big. As in, that is normal. There is a saying, “If someone is trying to bring you down, they are lower than you.” Our very own Nairobi Senator Mr. Sonko is known for flaunting his wealth in your face!!

SonkoLike Orie Rogo Manduli always advises women, “If you got it, flaunt it!!” This week, Sonko stacked up thousand shilling notes in his office desk. The notes summed up to millions. He then took a photo and posted it on Facebook.

mike-sonko-trophy-postAlthough many are hating, the Senator is known for throwing money around to the people. This also has not gone unspoken about. People have raised questions concerning his seemingly unending source of wealth. Many people in ‘his’ town still live way below the poverty line. But they all know that there is always an open door for then at his office.

sonko-mboss-3Just last month, Sonko was on people’s lips for having spent over 3M on a gold phone with barely any features. There are mixed feeling on the Senators most recent show of wealth:mike sonko

‘The Nairobi senator is such a show off. There are many Kenyans richer than he is and who do not behave remotely close to the way he does. Your money should be your business,’ a proud Kenyan commented on the photo on Facebook.

Another Facebook user commented and put to question the credibility of the photo saying that it must have been photo shopped.

Well, regardless of all this, one thing is for sure, he is not shy to show off his wealth, or rather part of his wealth.