Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion now turned entertainer, found it rather hard to contain himself after a Canadian reporter called him a “convicted rapist”. Tyson was on a tour in Toronto to promote his show Mike Tyson: the Undisputed Truth. CP24 Toronto news anchor Nathan Downer asked him, “Some of your critics would say there’s a race for mayor, we know you’re a convicted rapist, this could hurt his campaign — how would you respond to that?” referring to Mike’s visit of Mayor Rob Ford.Mike tyson

That’s when the former champ let him have a piece of his mind, calling him “a piece of sh*t” and telling him “f**k you” more than a few times. He then became non responsive to the questions that followed thereafter, only telling Downer what he thought of him.

I say the reporter was lucky this is a new Mike Tyson, “Iron Mike” would have been a whole other type of response; blood and teeth on the floor.