What started off as a bash for 4 young upcoming musicians has slowly but steadily turned into one of the most promising music concerts in Nairobi. MicRobbery was conceptualised by creative rappers Barry Moses,  Lennox Leeroy ( both from Kisumu) Ms Samba and Lyn Mars with the aim of pushing music from their label We Are The Posse which had signed 4 recording artists at the time. With the murky and competitive music industry in Kenya the young label heads realised they needed an edge to their music distribution to increase their music reachability and not depend on mainstream gigs and media, a tradition that is slowly taking shape in the Western World and few African countries like South Africa.

Lennox and Barry

 Brenda Samba

With a successful debut edition which only had a few friends and two guest acts, the label decided to invest more in the initiative which saw them bring in more hands on deck particularly to fill up key positions that would see the event grow enormously. Complete with a Publicist, Music Manager, Stylist and  Business Manager the concert has since held 4 editions and given a platform to 10 upcoming acts drawn from music schools i.e Sauti Academy, young disruptive labels i.e Atwal Music and individual artist requests done through their website.

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”The whole idea was to merge our fan bases and create this big fan base which we could all  share our music with, so you win some of my fans and I win some of yours, everyone goes home happy- Lennox Lee            ( Rapper, Song Writer, Co- Label Owner & Visual Orchestrator)

Lennox Leroy- Label Co- Owner

What’s striking about these young lads is the level of professionalism, sacrifice and creativity they have put into this event. The concert fuses different genres of music from Rap, RnB, Jazz, Afro Pop, to emerging genres like Boho Rap. Running a seasonal event and at the same time concentrating on your musical career is fete achieved only by a few in Kenya. One notable artist who has thrived in this venture is Muthoni Drama Queen who created Blankets & Wine from scratch to one of the most respected and successful music events in Eastern Africa and at the same time continues to release hit songs and still remain relevant.

”I beleive the days when your songs had to hit at some popular radio show, TV show or you had to be signed to a big label to get recognition are quickly fading away especially with the help of technology. Look at Kendrick and TDE or Drake and OVO, J Cole and Dreamsville or even back home in Africa Casper Nyovest and Family Tree. It’s really about packaging your brand and understanding your target market and                  we are about that-  Oyaro Clinton  

                                      (Publicist & Blogger)

Oyaro Clinton- Publicist

The label is quite known in musical circles yet they have only 4 major releases so far, however they have performed most of their unreleased tracks in gigs like Sondeka Festival, University pageant events and restaurants across Nairobi. Last Weekend saw them hold the concert for the 4th time at Tree House Club in Westlands- Nairobi which has been home to the gig since inception. The concert’s concept and big vision is to give every act a year-long contract which will includes 3 live band performances during the 3 seasonal concerts held in April, August and December. The label is also working on bringing different stakeholders to invest in a Mash Up Concert that will see different artists with different genres of music mash up their songs and record an EP or an Album with the help of young, budding yet creative music producers and partner with media companies to help put the music out and penetrate virgin grounds.

We don’t sit back and complain that Kenyan music is not up to international standards but rather we thrive in that fact or that belief and use it to push ourselves to create something new, fresh and different. We have that leeway and  chance to be the first, to be creative and to be different- Barry Moses                                                  

    (Rapper,Singer,Song Writer, Co- Label Owner & Creative Director)

Barry Moses- Creative Director

Calvo- Business Manager (Right)

Sevi Mosi- Stylist & Model

The label which comprises of 4 Recording Artists, Stylist, Music Manager, Business Manager, DJ, Publicist, Associate Producer, Associate Photographer, Associate Graphic Designer, Event Host and an Associate Corporate Lawyer has all the ingredients it needs to thrive. All their activities are  done in house reducing the cost of running the label enormously. The event celebrated their first anniversary last month and has survived so far without any corporate sponsorship which further shows that MicRobbery is a blue print to what looks like the future of Kenyan music. If you have doubts, why don’t you make your way to the next Posse Party!

Lyn Mars, Lennox Leroy, Brenda Samba, Barry Moses( Recording Artists)

Few artists or young labels like ours have this kind of Organization, dedication, creativity and talent at this point of their career ,our aim is make hay while the sun still shines- Cherry Black

 (Music Manager-) 


Cherry Black- Music Manager

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