mirror girl_reflection_mirror_bound

Mirrors are an asset to most of us. We move from one mirror to another…seeking satisfaction! It’s satirical because what mirror ‘Y’ shows is no different from mirror ‘Z’! Unless you take time to prepare. Pressing the clothes, visiting the barber or salon, then the mirror will reflect the person you wanna see.

Likewise, life is a mirror, you see what you present. It is unfortunate to see and hear people complain of being unloved, yet loving is a punishment to them…. “Give, and it shall come back to you, shaken down and running over”… I so believe in these.

How do you complain of seasonal friends, while you cannot handle your own company? If you cannot appreciate yourself then NO ONE will!!! This is the plain truth, take it or leave it… Low self-esteem is a contagious plague… No one would want you for company “am short, fat, thin, tall, dark….my hair is short, kinky, blond…”

mirror young old

How about it, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I love my skin tone. Deumn my feet are beautiful….I could give the beauty pageants a run for their fame…

Take time prepare, love, spoil, adore yourself…after all…It’s you who will stand in front of the mirror!!!!

By Muthoni Wachira