A woman has walked around Hong Kong wearing nothing but a t-shirt, gold backpack and pair of boots, and passers-by barely fluttered an eyelid.

The blonde model, who was naked from the waist down, had been painted to make it look like she was wearing a pair of denim skinny jeans.

A video shows the woman walking through shopping centers, riding escalators and crossing busy roads sans pants, before she takes off her backpack to reveal her t-shirt that bears the words: ‘No pants are the best pants’.

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'No pants are the best pants': The faux-jeans were painted on to her body by body-paint artist Sandra Bakker

Cheeky: A blonde model walked around Hong Kong wearing a t-shirt, backpack and boots without any pants

A perfect fit: Passers-by appeared not to notice the woman was not wearing pantsSprung! One observant man - perhaps the only one - caught the model out and paused to take a picture to prove it