When it comes to modelling, beautiful skin and height are key, or so we think. But the buck stops with beautiful skin. What constitutes a beautiful skin? Is it the pigment, texture or a combination of both? What is a flawless skin?

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For Canadian model, Chantelle Brown-Young, fashion transcends unchangeable physical factors such as skin and height. Fashion is about expression of self as one is and she does exactly that by not letting her skin condition, vitiligo, hinder her from strutting on the runway and getting accolades while at it.

Vilitigo is a skin condition that causes pigment to disappear, resulting in white patches on her dark skin. Michael Jackson admitted to suffering from the same on Oprah Winfrey’s show but unlike his, hers is prominent meaning it affects a large part of her body.

The disease began to manifest when she was 4 years old. It first appeared on her stomach, then affected her face and hands.

“Once people started making comments, I started to realize there’s something about me that’s not like everyone else,” she says. “I was teased and called names.”

But Brown-Young didn’t let the cruel remarks get into her pretty little head.

“I just decided I’m going to tell myself that I am beautiful and this is how I may be for the rest of my life. I need to accept it, embrace it and enjoy it.”

From taking part in “America’s Next Top Model’ to landing modelling jobs from all over, the 20 year old stunner is on her way to superstardom in the industry. She is a great inspiration to the millions of people who shy away from taking part in activities that interest because they perceive themselves to be different.



In herb own words, “Everyone can relate to being different. It’s not just me trying to be a role model. It’s my genuine opinion that it’s those quirks that make you gorgeous. Let whatever quirks you have shine.”