niqabIn Islamic rules, women are advised not to exhibit their bodies to other men, expect husbands, fathers and brothers. Only the face, hands and feet can be shown freely. Many Muslim women love the water, swimming and just fun days at the beach. Before, they would dress in baggy burkini stylest-shirts and trousers. These not only got heavy after being immersed in the water, they would also take forever to dry thus cling onto the body.

Businessmen dedicated to Muslim women invented the “burkini”. It is a unique swimsuit. The swimsuits have been designed into a variety of colors and styles, to meet the Muslim woman’s fashion pursuit. These swim suits are designed for the meek woman who doesn’t want to flaunt her body. The burkini allows for Muslim women to enjoy the water as any other woman would, without having to leave her modesty in the changing room.

No need to shave or wax to prepare for a day of sun and surf anymore. The summer fashion world has taken a big step by introducing the ultimate in modest swimwear. The UV and water protected garment covers most of a woman’s body, except her feet, hands and face, allowing her to swim without attracting “sinful” attention.

burkini piecesburkini full cover black swim suitFashion is normally a personal statement, but people are normally more accepting when they can relate to the outfit. So as a chaste Muslim girl, you being at the pool don’t mean you leave your values at home. You gotta do whatever you do to please Allah, forget men.

This three piece suit contains a pair of pants and a top made of the same material. The straight leg pants have an elastic pull at the ankle to keep it in place. A swimming cap (hijab) for added comfort and practicality. The top and pants tie together to keep the top from riding up.

Another style is this one-piece. It is lighter and allows for more flexibility. With this one, you can just wear the swimming cap over your hair. It is primarily designed for swimming competitors.

By Zahra