This is a whole different idea of innovation. A brainchild of Yomi Mueni and Joan Kagure, Monday To Sunday Closet is an online shopping store sparked off by an idea back in 2014. An idea that was borne of passion. Yomi had been selling clothes since her school days since 2013 so when the thought of expanding struck, she went straight for online marketing. She figured taking pictures of clothes and posting them online would go a long way in getting them out there and so she did.

With the aid of her friends who were of the same mind to sell clothes, they formed Classy With an Edge but one of the partners was not committed so they went their own way and kept doing the same thing and that’s how Sunday to Monday Closet came to be.

Yomi refers to herself as a stylist and styling is what she does. She buys clothes, shoes and accessories from Gikomba, re-designs them then posts online. Cool, eh? For the suits, they work in hand with Wanyoike Lewis. She adds her touch to ordinary mitumba  and get them looking like Versace wear. She’s that awesome.

Now, you will want to stick with me this week as I explore her mind and clothes store. From what I’ve seen so far, both are full of promise.

Meanwhile, you can check them out:

Instagram: the_mon_to_sun_closet/yomi_mueni