sticker,375x360.u2This was the ultimate Sato plan. Everyone was up for it given that it was the last Sato before going back to school. My best friend, Jeff, had organized a ‘back to skul’ kinda party and as one would say, turn down for what? Good thing was that it was at his hood so all that was required of the party goers was to come along with someone (whether the side chic, bf or gf). I’d have to go alone since my gf(Courtney) would check in a bit late as she was on a journey.

Come evening and peeps had already filled the whole compound mpaka the backyard. If you’ve watched Project X then I’m sure you can picture what I’m saying. Eish! This bestie of mine are the guys whose parents are CEO’s of big companies so you can imagine how cash was spoilt for the bash. Booze was in plenty not forgetting sheesha. The ladies donned tight shorts as if it were a bikini party (they wanted to twerk their derrieres properly). The music was there to ensure intensify the twerking.

Three hours gone and Courtney was still texting me that she was on her way coming. What worried me most was that she cono romanceuldn’t pick up my calls citing that she was driving. I sipped my tot to relieve that ‘tension’ wondering how she could still be on her journey when it was almost midnight. Now this Dj evoked emotions in me when he’d say ‘Now everyone the next set is dedicated to your loved one…if he or she is around just turn to him or her….’ I couldn’t picture myself without Courtney as those love tunes filled the air.

My mind had had enough of her texts so as my conscience told me I decided to wait for her at the gate. I went to Jeff’s room where I had placed my hood and just as I opened the door, what I saw left me struck dumb. The girl I was ‘waiting’ for was on ‘another journey’ with, guess who….Jeff! No wonder he allowed me in with ease. ’Courtney, kumbe after fooling around with me this is what you’ve been up to; sleeping with this good for nothing dude….argh!’ I exclaimed without even picking my hood. That was enough to prove that she had been cheating on me.

nonReality had dawned on me. Perhaps it was becoz I was more of a hustler, despite the love I had for her, than a baller since Jeff seemed to have spoilt her with money. Mind you, I found some expensive wine bottles beside the bed after busting them.

Questions brood over my mind as I went to pick a cab and head home. Courtney came running behind beseeching that it was not what I thought. It was too late for her to catch up with me as the cab sped off. Luckily, that commotion didn’t catch the attention of the party peeps. At least I got to know the true colors of my ‘best friend’, Jeff. It was over between Courtney and I who I still wondered how she sneaked to the party without my awareness.

Love is like money…hard to find but easy to lose. Its either you got the money or get walking. I guess I’d begin a new journey to find the meaning of ‘true love’ since after all, chics aint loyal.

By David Ng’ang’a