Y’all remember Morris Mwenda, the ‘opportunity street kid’, who touched Kenyans’ hearts a few weeks back with his speech on opportunity?  Kenyans responded and he got handouts and even got to meet CJ Willy Mutunga, who offered him an internship at the law courts.

Well yesterday, a video of Morris on the streets high and disorderly with other street kids emerged. The video disappointed many Kenyans on social media with many trashing the efforts to help him as PR stunts and ploys to make money from him plight.

This KOT Mentality of ‘hateration’, and dismissing issues, before even clarifying information is a very unfortunate matter. Why didn’t the person who posted and shared the video, take a few hours to even establish why Morris had fallen back to his old ways. 

However one Kenyan took it upon himself to seek out Morris and the children’s home Homeless of Nairobi to establish what was going on with him. In a Facebook post, city entrepreneur Sam Gichuru posted on why Morris was back on the streets and how he is doing now.

A lot of people have been asking me about Morris all day. The question I had on my mind was, what would you do if you saw your friends son on the street? You call the parents in this case Homeless of Nairobi, especially after they reported the matter on 24th March and requested all of us for help.

Which makes me worry a lot that instead of calling HoN, some people saw it appropriate to take a video of that child drunk and high on drugs at his weakest moments, in an effort to shame him or those trying to rehabilitate him from the same challenges.

Another group I saw today is the one hating on a 15 year old and calling him useless, he is a child for crying out loud, he needs encouragement not to be dismissed, he will make many mistakes, at 15, I was suspended from high school, for sneaking out.. on a Friday!

Morris somehow found his way back home at Homeless of Nairobi in Gachie, I found Morris cleaning the house and I left him helping his mum with dinner, all the other 13 boys are back other than 2. They made up and he apologized. This photo’s shows you the difference between an adopted mothers love and us Facebook activists.

This will happen again and again and all he needs is love until old habits die.

I salute Sham Patel, Anna, Clifford & Mum Zena for their patience and sacrifice. This guy’s work so hard, they need our support more during hard times like the last 3 days.

Please follow Homeless of Nairobi for all updates and share this status widely to update every else who was worried and still looking for the boys.


With opportunity comes responsibility, Morris will need time to learn how to accept and deal with his new found lease on life.

In the meantime, we should learn to be a more caring soceity, and not just look for opportunities to judge and hate. Let’s kill this #KOT Mentality.