Ever since Friday night’s episode of The Trend, Larry Madowo’s and Moses Kuria’s names have been hot on the lips of many Kenyans.

Larry invited Moses on his show to discuss the hate speech allegations that the politician is facing at the moment.

The politician shocked the nation, when he managed to remain surprisingly calm and also told the viewers that leaders are always united.

The interview started off well, however the tables turned on Larry when Moses accused the popular journalist of being the main cause of perpetrating divide among Kenyans.

The interview turned chaotic and became a full blown argument. See some exerpts from the heated interview below

Moses Kuria: First of all I have seen you saying that I have four cases, I do not have four cases and  Because you’ve already formed in your mind who is Moses Kuria..You cannot even have the basic courtesy to do some proper research!!

“I know where you are coming from…….!!!
“I even gave you the option of not inviting me but you insisted…..!!!
“I have three cases, not four as you said….. I am an accountant an I know that an error of 25% is a very big loss…!!!

Larry Madowo: Where am i coming from Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria: From Ignorance,” 

And KOT are not pleased with Larry’s display of what they term as ‘irresponsible journalism’

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