As they walk down the street dressed in matching outfits, slick ponytails and the same bright pink lipstick, these two women have no trouble attracting attention.

Even though mother Sue Evans, 46, is double the age of her daughter Imani Evans, 23, they’re the spitting image of each other – and they are always asked if they are sisters.

The ultimate double act: Imani, 23, carefully chooses her mother's outfit every day before the pair head out

Imani said: ‘We are the ultimate mother and daughter duo. MADD for short, which is quite apt!’

‘We’ve been mistaken for sisters so many times I’ve lost count,’ Sue said. ‘I definitely take it as a compliment.’

Imani said it was when she hit her teenage years that she first noticed a similarity between her and her mother.

Close: Several years ago, the pair branded themselves as M.A.D.D and introduce themselves as the ultimate mother and daughter duo. Imani picks her mother's outfits everyday and presents them to Sue who loves their

Sue and Imani enjoy a well earned cool drink after matching their aztec print ensembles perfectly
MADD for it: Mum Sue, 46, has formed a new double act with her daughter Imani, 23, who just dresses like her
Work out buddies: Sue and Imani, seen out on a run, never miss a beat when it comes to their grooming
Two for the price of one: Imani and Sue co-ordinate their black and white outfits perfectly as shop for groceries

For Imani, when it comes to choosing between spending time with her mum and time with her friends, her mum wins hands down every time.

She said: ‘Mum is older and wiser than me and her life experiences have stopped me making the same mistakes others my age have.

‘I’ve avoided teenage pregnancy, heartache and failure, and it’s all thanks to her. Everyone has a best friend – mine just so happens to be my mum. I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

So young ladies, do you have such a close relationship with your mum?