Trust KoT to find humor and fun even at the centre of hell fire. Even before dust settles after #GitheriMan’s chronicles, #Kibandabae and #SukumaWikiWoman are here. For two days now, we’ve been treated to #GitheriMan, the old man whose only doing was helping himself to githeri in a Juala as he braved Tuesday’s Sunshine in the queue to vote. His photo has been photoshopped and all kinds of memes made, till a popular foodie company is looking for him (as well as yours truly here, The Insyder Magazine).

The latest sensation is that of a lady walking by as a policeman mounts chase on two gentlemen who have been rioting (seemingly). The woman, who has a black polythene bag in one hand and spinach on her other arm, is seen giving no chills to the ongoings, even as the lads scamper for safety. She looks on, face expressionless, unshaken and one can think she’s in a very secure supermarket make a choice on what to purchase, business as usual.