I know this review is coming two years too late, but I wanted to talk about the sequel to To All the Boys I have Loved Before, which unlike the first movie, is actually current news, sort of.

Have I lost you? Should I back up and start at the beginning? Okay cool.

To All the Boys I have Loved Before, let us just call it TATBIHLB (this is one long abbreviation. Yeah let us not call it that) is a 2018 teenage romance movie that followed the life of Lana, a witty quirky 16-year-old girl who let’s say in short, finds love.

I am too lazy to write the whole synopsis, so just watch this trailer of it:

As per now, if you are a fan of teen high school romance, you must have already guessed how the plot goes.

Lana is nerdy, there is a popular girl who hates Lana. Said popular girl has a hot boyfriend who Lana finds cute, and who might also just find Lana cute. Oh and the oversharing, rebel best friend of Lana, and lastly, the gay guy who gets to be that brutally honest new friend.

I mean, aren’t all high school teen romance stories have that same story line? Just that this one involves secret love letters!

I am not hating on this type of plot though. If anything, I think it is this predictability cliche love story plots that might be the reason why we love them so much. They have the ability to make you invested in the story even though you know exactly how it is going to end.

I have talked too much about high school teenage romance movies in general and too little about the movie in question, To All the Boys I Have Loved Before.

Did I love it?

Of course I did. But that is because I watched it back in 2018, when it came out. Actually, I read it’s novel first, and I was obsessed with that book at that time.

But, even now, repeating it in 2020, I would not say my feelings about it have changed much, maybe just dimmed a little bit because I somehow fancy myself mature now.

To All the Boys I have Loved Before, still makes me smile, even though I should have been rolling my eyes the entire time because of some of the ridiculousness. It’s like a sweet fairy tale that just makes you see the world as this magical place where everything is perfect, and even when it is not, it always gets better

And because I am a good person, I will not give you any spoilers. Go watch it on Netflix, today, because tomorrow we are going to talk about its sequel: P.S I STILL LOVE YOU, which am ashamed to admit I have not yet watched but will do so tonight.

Here is the trailer to P.S I STILL LOVE YOU.

Make sure you watch it by tomorrow so we can talk about it.