Mr. and Miss KIM is one of the most popular events within the Kenya Institute School of Management (KIM) student calendar. It draws participation from the KIM student community, and also attracts thousands of audiences from other colleges, universities, media and the general public.Mr&Ms KIM 2014

This year, the Nairobi Branch will host the 2014 Mr. and Miss KIM Beauty Pageant. It will be on Friday, 19th September 2014. It will be held at the Sarakasi dome in Ngara from 4.00pm

There is so much more to life besides academics, due to this, the KIM School of Management organized this even. The school is devoted to students’ extra curriculum activities. They have committed themselves to providing a safe, orderly and inviting environment that encourages talent and knowledge sharing.

For more details, contact Alfred on 0722 896586 or Sheila on 0721777871