Mr. Nabiey is a true epitome of brains and talent. His stage name proves it all because it was inspired by an Indian researcher and the upcoming artist likes to experiment. More so, he defines himself as experiential with his slogan being edutainment. The Tanzanian singer who describes his genre as Swahili Street Soul, sings to entertain and educate. He is definitely too much sauce!

Nabiey, despite being Tanzanian, is born and bred in Kenya.The youngster has diversity in occupations given that he sings and is an entreprenuer at the same time.He sure does not put all his eggs in one basket.

His journey

Nabiey has a very humble start in his music career. His fans were his friends who jolted him to realizing his potential in music. The nitty gritty things we do for fun can be our greater achievements,huh!Anyway to cut the long story short, Nabiey used to freestyle for his friends who would gather up in his house every weekend to listen to his big banger lyrics. He officially swung to the industry after his form four.

His music

Nabiey describes his music as sensational to the senses not just some plain lines that dwell on vulgarity.The singer has his new hit single ‘Girl’ already up and booming in you tube. East or West home is the best for Nabiey who will have his music tour in Tanzania very soon.

His take

The singer adorns the Kenyan music industry but  thinks that  there is still not enough exposure.Nabiey has plans to diversify his music by mashing up the best of the Kenyan and Tanzanian’s music. He looks forward to working with producers such as Arkish, Estukeezy, and T-Touch and Abbah processors.He promises to drop fresh hits hoping won’t be raw sauce every three months before he launches his album.

When asked which Kenyan artist he would want to work with.His mind quicly drifted to mention  Dela, Prezzo because of his personality and Nyashinki.That would be dope, aye?

Nabiey’s career is insprired by bigshots like Jay-Z, Naz, Alicia Keys, and Bob Marley-Kelly in the international music industry whom he looks up to.

Word to the teenie massive

His biggest advice to teeniez is to chase their dreams with strategy as opposed to the cliché just chase your dream.

We surely cannot wait for more hits from him!

Insyderz, are you here for Nabiey?Let us know below. Also watch ‘girl’ by Nabiey here!

By Brianas Njoroge