MTV Shuga is a sizzling sex and relationships drama and multimedia campaign for young audiences, which aims to raise awareness of HIV and Aids globally, and this fortnight I attended the premiere of season 4 of this ground breaking TV brand.

The Beautiful ladies who feature in the latest MTV Shuga Series, season 4

MTV Shuga has fans all over the world. The key to the success of the show lies in the storylines and the relatable characters. The show resonates around the world.

The stories and the messages are about sex and relationships, and it really doesn’t matter where you live for it to be relatable to you.

The show, which launched on World AIDS Day in 2009, first came together through a partnership between the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR),MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation and the Kenyan government. It has since been seen not only in Kenya but in 22 African countries, and 70 countries worldwide.

The Dashing gentlemen of MTV Shuga Season 4

Many of the HIV prevention topics covered in the show are aligned with the agenda of the Kenyan government, including HIV testing and avoiding stigma.However, there are a number of subjects covered, from sexual violence to homosexuality-part of the dialogue surrounding HIV prevention and sexuality -that are never shown on Kenyan television and are taboo public discussions. Thus, the success of the show has come from its ability to push boundaries in its message, as well as what can be shown on TV in Kenya.

The show which initially started in Kenya is now based in Nigeria, The story lines are compelling and the characters bring forth the issues that the youth struggle with from day to day. We suggest that you take the time and look for the show online and give it 20 minutes of your life per episode. It is guaranteed to make you think critically about some of the sexual decisions you make.