If you’re a musician who goes by the name of Straindays with a musical project titled ‘Sick Priorities’, one thing you can be guaranteed of is a lot of expectations; I mean, if you’re bold enough to grant yourself such a bold and unforgettable name and title, then your music must be good enough to back up the hype. Right?

Well, Straindays Naulika here has taken upon the challenge with a great amount of effort, something which has given way to a very dope product.

Sick Priorities is a short EP with 5 songs to it, without any features. Young Straindays immediately announces himself on the first song, by easily switching between singing and rapping, with a powerful voice to back him up. He also sets himself apart from many young Kenyan musicians of today, by being able to easily rapping in Kiswahili as well as in English.

Straindays lyrical content touches on the issues of the hustle to be successful, the love of the music being sufficient to carry him forward, love, and abusive relationships.

Straindays is at that point in an artist’s timeline whereby he is raw enough to be referred to as rough around the edges, while at the same time he is good enough to not be noticed in the near future.

This project is the sign of an artist that is going to blow up; it is just a matter of when.

Listen to his EP below