Now to y’all lovers of Shisha, there’s some not-so-good-news for you as NACADA Chairman John Mututho is about to spoil the fun. The man, famously known for ‘Mututho Law’ has banned Shisha flavours that were found to contain bhang, heroin and cocaine. Yap, you better believe it and he ain’t joking about it.





The  Shisha flavours include:

  1. • Al fakher strawberry flavor
  2. • Al fakher orange flavor
  3. • Al fakher two apples with mint flavorsmoking
  4. • Al fakher vanilla flavor
  5. • Al fakher two appeals flavor
  6. • Al fakher guava flavor
  7. • Al fakher orange with mint flavor
  8. • Al fakher orange flavor(positive for morphine)formulated kuber
  9. • Formulated kuber(positive for morphine)
  10. • Nakhla molasses tobacco apple flavor
  11. • Strong formulated shisha cocktail
  12. • Medium formulated shisha cocktail
  13. • Mild formulated shisha
  14. • Al fakher energy drink flavor
  15. • Al fakher packet strawberry flavor
  16. • Al fakher chocolate with mint flavor
shsha smoke

Addressing the press in his office earlier this week, NACADA chairman John Mututho said that the products should be withdrawn from the market immediately.

“All the products stand banned with immediate effect and anyone caught consuming these products should be taken to court,” said Mututho.

Mututho said that the process of testing other shisha and Kuber flavours is still on going and the list of banned substances may increase with time.

So far NACADA has tested 100 samples out of which some tested positive for heroine, bhang and cocaine

source: The Star. Picture Internet