Listening to Homeboyz Radio every weekday afternoon you’ll notice the highly energetic and bubbly ear candy. The highly energetic presenter is Rachel Muthoni a.k.a. Mwalimu Rachel, recalls 10 things about her life in Sacred Heart, Kyeni Girls High School, Embu.
1. Favourite teacher
I had two whom I respected and liked in equal measure, Mr
Ndirangu and Mr Simon.
2. Most embarrassing moment
Had to be when I was excommunicated from CU for taking
part in the school’s modelling competition. Weird, right? I
know! LOL.
3. Best meal
Eish! Without a doubt RnB, yaani rice and beans. Kwanza
hako ka soup ka top layer! Ha ha! Love it to this date.
4. Club(s) you were a member of
I was veeery active in a number of clubs. Kwanza CU, then
i was demoted. Was also in Drama Club (won many awards
there), music club (until I found out it wasn’t about singing
but playing the flute, then I dropped out), and does basketball
count as a club? Hiyo nilienda coz of funkies tu! Ha ha!
5. Best, and worst, subjects
Can’t decide! Loved English, Kiswahili and CRE. HATEEEED
6. Brother school
Kangaru Boyz after winning the battle against Nguviu Boyz.
7. Funkie you always looked forward to
Drama Club funkie. I was SURE to find interesting guys and
cute ones too. 🙂
8. Teacher(s) you had a crush on and why
Mr Ndirangu! Ha ha ha..but then again, half the class had a
crush on him. He was simply COOL. Would tell us the latest
happenings in The Bold and the Beautiful when we asked
in class! LOL!
9. Nastiest experience as a Form One student
Siku moja maji yalipotea. We as Form Ones were in charge
of washing the dormitory loos. Boss! Sema stress! I had
to get water from a river and scrub those loos either way.
10. Most memorable thing you did in high school
I spontaneously MC’d at a Mr and Miss Kyeni contest
while in Form 2. The other girl just wasn’t doing it right and
the crowd demanded i do it! Needless to say, I was super
jazzed and excited. I did a very good job too. 🙂

By Davie