With just one post…Mwanaisha Chidzuga just shut down the haters, who claim that she has always been Danson Mungatana‘s “side chic”. These claims were especially brought back to the spotlight when Cecilia Mwangi claimed that she and Mwanaisha were co-wives and “sharing” Danson

Recently Mwanaisha took to twitter to strongly dismiss the claims posting;


“Kindly note tht I Mwanaisha Chidzuga was never a Co wife 2 one Cecilia Mwangi Pls stop dragging my name n tht of my family into thse madness”

Shortly after, she went on to post a photo of herself and Danson Mungatana in a cuddling posture which only couples are notorious of, with a caption that read;

“Hapa mapenzi tu…Wenye Shingo za Feni jipeni shughuli sasa….”


More photos of the adorable family….