On September 28th controversial activist Boniface Mwangi posted one of his most scandalous tweets yet. Needless to say that the tweet angered Deputy President William Ruto.


After the above post, it is alleged that the DP was not pleased and that he has threatened to sue Boniface.

Now Boniface has responded swiftly through his lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, He has stated that he is ready to meet the DP in court and will not be cowed by Ruto’s “ill-motivated” attempt to silence him.

Boniface said he will not retract, correct, withdraw or apologise for the said tweet.


Boniface also claims that he feels his life is in danger and is ready to disclose his fears before a court of law especially because the DP was indicted at the International Criminal Court at The Hague over some grave crimes including murder.

This saga seems to be getting out of hand, whose side are you on, Boniface or Ruto?