pick-pocketingTo get to the point, I got my iPod stolen. It was just after we had closed school, I was chilling at the TRM food court with my pal, Sylvia. I asked her to watch my stuff as I rushed to the loo. I returned shortly and we got onto a mat to head home. While I was looking for my keys in my bag I realized my iPod wasn’t there. She said there was a point when she went to the counter so it must have been stolen while she was away. She kept saying sorry and how she feels bad and stuff. Thinking it’s still my fault for leaving it in my bag, I forgot about it and started saving for a new one.

Then one day Shiku (my best friend) was having lunch with her and saw her take out a black video iPod (just like the one I had). Shiku borrowed Silvia’s iPod and saw it had the EXACT same songs and exact same videos and is also missing an earphone (I cut the other one off cuz it broke). I thought it might’ve been a coincidence, then Shiku told me the serial number starts with a 8M. Fortunately I still have the iPod box, so I looked for it when I got home and checked the serial number. Boom! It starts with an 8M. So I’m now 100% sure that she’s the one who stole it.

I was really not sure what to do. I thought of snitching, confronting her or just stealing it back. Being a juvenile myself, we concocted a plan with Shiku to get my iPod back. So the plan is to steal it back from her. One afternoon, Shiku dragged Silvia to the store and she left her stuff by the counter. So while they were in the store I was going through her stuff looking for my iPod, unfortunately it wasn’t there. But I saw her really awesome camera and thought of stealing it, but I didn’t. Not one of the brightest ideas, but hey! I learnt.

The following day I decided to steal the camera the next time I get the chance. So I told Mary about my plan. Then she told me that the camera is actually hers, Silvia also just stole it from her. She just didn’t do anything because she’s a really good friend of hers.purse-snatching

But after discussing the situation over and over, we came up with a plan. She’s gonna steal my iPod back. And I’m gonna steal her camera back. Boy, were we lost. It never hit me that in stealing back my stuff, I stooping lower than my thieving pal. Here are a few tips to follow should one of your inner circle friends ever steal from you:

1. It is a little bit juvenile to resort to the same behaviour, even if you are 100% sure that your pal stole your items. Simply stealing your stuff back won’t solve anything. True, you’ll have the instant gratification of getting what was taken back, but what’s to say that your friend won’t do something like this again?

2. You have to send a clear enough message to somebody that stealing from people you’re close to isn’t okay. Talking to your pal about it and being more vigilant towards the whereabouts of your things may be all the prevention you need so that another incident like it won’t happen again.

3. Be ready for your pal to have their defences up very high when you confront them. They could just simply deny it and be like “what are you talking about I don’t have it”. If the person does not have the stuff on them when you confront them, they may just end up hiding them better so they can never be spotted buy you holding them again. Be wise about when you choose to face them. Then tell them that if they ever steal anything from you again that you are going to go to the police, or their parents

4. Then again, you have to think why she would do it? Is she trying to seek attention? I mean if I stol something like an ipod, I wouldnt be stupid enough to use in front of the person who I stole it from unless i wanted attention. Or perhaps she just realy really wanted it

5. Seeking the assistance of a parent or a guardian (like your big bro or siz) officer could help. Although no-one like to be called a snitch, remember that your pal has a problem. This may help them stop early enough before they go into the ‘big-leagues’ and actually get imprisoned for fraud and theft. This person is your pal, and pals should always have each others’ back. Although if they refuse to change, anyone who would stoop that low is not worth being around. And it would be time to terminate the friendship. Also let other mutual friends know so they don’t have their things stolen.

People start with small things, like iPods, Cell Phones, etc.. The more time that goes on the more adventuresome they get. Next thing you know your cash, credit cards, keys, etc go missing, or odd charges start showing up on your bank statement. As they get older it can turn into larger crimes.

By Zahra