There has been this story about ladies being stripped naked by uncivilized men especially the infamous Embassava touts.

Muthoni WachiraEveryone has the freedom to choose what part of their wardrobe becomes. This ranges from the little black dresses, to the long flowy maxi dresses. For guys, the scope ranges from thigh-short casuals to official suits. Style is individual, and you will find different styles and fashion in different countries and societies.

In neutral environments, any outfits will pass. But when it comes to societies with different religious backgrounds, traditions and beliefs, boundaries get set. Fast forward to recent Kenyan times and it now seems that choosing what your wear as you leave the house could determine how great or messed up your day gets. Worse still, your outfit choice could send a “stripping mob” lynching on you in the name of ‘indecent dressing’

Muthoni GreenWhenever you get to town, where all types of people with different levels of frustrations walk free, avoid walking in crowded areas. Idle mobs will camouflage in such crowds and gladly take part in any vices. Walk with friends there is safety in numbers. Even when it comes to petty crimes, most perpetrators will be wary of attacking people in groups. Besides dressing well, walk around with friends. Dress decently well; decent varies depending on where you come from. But, considering that we live in a society that has children, youths, adults, and old folks, from all walks of life, stay appropriate and stay confident whenever you step out in style.

So my first question was and still is who and what determines “decent dressing”?

Muthoni ShortIn our modern times, the only standard for choice in dressing is and has to be personal. You may compete with prevailing choices at any given time among a given group but you can only be judged on the choice itself and not as someone who is rightly or wrongly dressed. It is true that the way that you act and the way that you look determines what others will think of you. But that is where the buck stops.

Chapter Four of the Kenyan Bill of Rights (Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) is very clear: Every person has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of artistic creativity as fundamental. And in the exercise of the right to freedom of expression, every person shall respect the rights and reputation of others.

I wonder what drives these moronic men to such actions, is it male chauvinism which has continued to penetrate in our societies or just plain stupidity? We are in 21st century and thus cannot continue to allow such actions! So today I join in: My Dress My Choice campaign in a bid to highlighted these vices

Muthoni Model
I rock my little mini dress with no apologies whatsoever after all my dress my choice!

Muthoni Wachira