My-First-TimeWe all want to fit in to get some recognition. Always up and about with the latest trends and what is going down. So one particular day I was having a very interesting conversation with my best friend and I really wanted to know how it felt. The old saying is true curiosity did killed the cat.

One fine evening I was having a normal chat with my best friend “The feeling is amazing” stated my best friend “It was my first time and I enjoyed every bit of it without any hesitation, maybe you should try it sometime” she uttered as she walked away. I was left there with questions in my mind wondering how come it is only me who hadn’t experienced this first time experience.

I set out and I was determined to make the best out of this first time experience. It had to be one of a kind. One that I would look back and never have any regrets. It was a choice I had made. So on this particular day it had to be one of a kind. Night was setting in and the sky was dark and the moon had just set in high. There we were, all alone, just her and I.

Her hair was so soft and her blue beautiful eyes brought out the shiver in me. I knew what she wanted to do. Her skin was so soft her legs…damn well one of a kind they were so fine. I ran my fingers down her spine. I did it I didn’t know how but I tried my level best to place my hand in the right position on her breasts.

I remembered my fear, my heart pounding and beating so fast, but slowly she spread her legs wide apart for me. When she did it I felt no shame. Oh yes again and again I did it. It was an experience of a life time and I enjoyed it so sweet and marvelous. I did it in a continuous motion, slow, but sure. I had accomplished it!! The sound that we produced was awesome.

I had I never done anything like that b4. I had accomplished my desire and curiosity. At last it was finished
it’s all over now, my first time…milking a cow.

By Muthoni Wachirafirst time