For decades now,
I’ve been wondering:
“What is my definite goal to be?
Some times,rather loudly,
I would ask myself,,
“Why I’m I really here?”

All the same,
During those terrible times,
It would occur to me,
To be a man of indubitable virtue,
Is my definite goal to be.

Indubitable virtue,
It seems to me,
Is to tower higher than these:
Un-Godly limits,
Which breed self-inhibition

Un-Godly excesses,
On the other hand,breed nothing
Other than over-indulgence;

What if I don’t find
My ultimate goal to be?
Will I just cease to be?
No,I will not just cease to be,
But confused and aimless will I be.

I must find my definite goal to be;
If I succeed not,
I will just go by what
I take my definite goal to be.

By Moses Omusolo