An American man sobbed as he told a Nairobi court how his Kenyan wife had fleeced him.With a pitched voice, Mr John Eugene Bennet, stated: “I have limited funds. All my accounts are in the name of my Kenyan wife — Karungari Gacoki Murigu Bennet — with whom we have a four-year-old son and an eight-month-old daughter. I married her in 2008.”

Mr Bennet further told Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo that all the property he had acquired with his wife were registered in her name.

“Here I am now, I can’t help myself. My wife has set me up. She and my mother-in-law can’t allow me to see my children.

“They want me deported so that they can inherit all my money, property and children,” he lamented.

He said unless the US Embassy intervenes in the matter, he would definitely be repatriated to America “with nothing. I can’t even engage an advocate to defend me in this case.”

-Daily Nation