The advent of technology has led to the growth of ‘keyboard warriors’ who use social media as a means of expressing themselves. With their numbers increasing on a daily basis so have the cases of cyberbullying around the world. Be it the common mwananchi, leaders or even celebrities, almost everyone has had their own share of bullying and trolling from netizens. Kenyan artistes have not been spared and Nadia Mukami recently became one of those who have had to undergo the worrying trend of cyberbullying.

Nadia Mukami

The celebrated singer has decided to take time off social media after being on the receiving end of harsh criticism and insults from cyber bullies.  Nadia ,who has become a trending sensation in the music industry, said that the amount of insults she has received in the past one month have become a source of heartbreaks and prompted her to break down. Taking to Instagram to share the emotional message, Nadia stated that her status of a public figure will not stop her from letting go of her emotions and that she was taking a break but will be back.

This comes barely a few days after Nadia’s management reported a female fan to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for insulting the Maombi singer online. The fan, one Stella Bella, accused the singer of defrauding her of KSHS 15,000. The woman claimed that she and Nadia had gotten into an agreement where the singer was to perform at an event organized by the accuser. As per Stella’s post, the deal was that Nadia would be paid Kshs 80,000 and from it give Stella Kshs 15,000. According to Stella, Nadia took off with the entire sum without giving her the agreed share.

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However, Sevens Creative Hub who manages Nadia disputed the claims and said they had referred the matter to DCI. They also demanded that the said post be pulled down and a video apology to Nadia Mukami be issued by Stella failure to which they shall institute civil legal proceedings against her.

Even as technology continues to be a major part of our lives, it is sad to see that people would push others to emotional breakdowns and heartaches. We can’t wait to have Nadia back on the social media and liven up our days.