It’s all fake! The ‘reality show’, Nairobi Diaries’ excessive drama, cat-fights and outbursts are apparently entirely scripted.

‘We operate on a very strict script… A script full of fights and name-calling and set-ups. 20% of the script is about brunches,coffee dates and shopping sprees, the rest 80% of the script is geared towards a fight,towards a physical confrontation,towards revisiting old altercations with the intention of starting a new one based on the old one. It’s a really really depressing and wicked script… ‘

After the show suffered some boring plots, the producers decided to hype things up by increasing the fighting and trash talking scenes. This was all revealed by an insider from the show, during an interview with Ghafla.

For instance,the show depicts Pendo as the wild,irritable crazy gal,Gertrude is the bossy,self-conceited trouble maker, Vera normally is the object of envy and the center of attention.

Ella, the sweet,easily hurt princess,Marjolein is the classy, aloof friend . Sylvia, the silent,genial style guru and Kiki is the busy,educated career freak. But in reality, according to the source,’ Ella is far from the good girl she is depicted as… Vera is also domineering,manipulative…Pendo is naturally uncouth,little-brained and Ghetto-oriented. She’s unschooled and she’s very normally uncivil.”nd4nd

Most of the cast members are not okay with the scripting and have complained about it, but the source says that the producers don’t care. For them its all about the show’s ratings. Vera for example according to the source, is a former ratchet. She no longer is. She increasingly feels like the show is too ratchet,the show depends too much on negativity,on sleaze and on dirt to survive. And it started killing her slowly. She would object,but no one cared. Must be the real reason as to why she quit the show. Also Molly, who in the show is Vera’s friend, is actually just an acquaintance to Vera. She was never and has never been in her circle. Sylvia and Molly were actually ordered to be close to Vera, despite not wanting to. “The relationships you see on the screen were all engineered,none is true,we are usually asked to pick sides,pick friends and then sell the fake image to the public…” the source continues to say, “I am particularly disturbed and against the amount of violence that we are forced to get into, but we have to, it’s the only way to pay our bills.”vera nd

But not every one in the cast has a problem with the scripting as revealed by the source. Pendo relishes the script. No wonder she so vehemently defended it after Vera bailed out on the show. She loves the scenes where she will get to fight her cast mates and kick them and spit at them. She loves to be the dramatic one.The one who shuts down a party by yelling herself around and splashing people with drinks. Gertrude also loves the direct camera parts. She loves trash talking her cast mates and never questions a thing she’s told to do or say. No matter how damaging.nd 3

“The drama you see on-screen is nothing compared to the production drama you don’t see off-screen… This is a show about a bunch of devious women out to be seen,be popular,be famous and be stars…”

We’ve seen a lot of reality shows, but most of them even though scripted at some points, it’s subtle and professionally done. That’s something the producers of Nairobi Diaries should seemingly learn, if they really want the show to sell.

By: Joan Rangara