Bingwa Awards gala night was held over the weekend and couldn’t end without the casual drama with Octopizzo carrying the drama queen mantle.


He dissed the event claiming that it was disrespectful for the organiser to honour him with the comeback of the year award.

He went ahead and suggested that the award should have been given to… Wahu.

Octopizzo Namless

Now this has not gone well with Nameless, as you know he is Wahu’s hubby and father to their two lovely kids. Nameless has gone ahead to rebuke Octopizzo and asked him to humble himself.

This is what Nameless posted on his Instagram: “Haiya@wahukagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award! He even recommended that it be given to you,!! Bro, let me give you advice…appreciate and receive these awards that you win now, because there can come a time in your career that you dont even get noticed or nominated. But I am sure you too big to receive advice,ama? Lakini seriously, you belittle the award then you recommend it to be given to Wahu?? Tuheshimiane… humble yourself before life humbles you.”