Yes, it is none other than our long loved and celebrated Nazizi Hirji. Nazizi made a name way back until she went underground, only to return, redefined and better.

nazizi redifined
nazizi redefined

First it was her rapid weight loss that had people talking and now it’s her latest project that has put her face on the billboards. Nazizi teamed up with the renowned ‘Beat Ya Keggah’ to produce her new song, “Wedding Ring”. The song is a perfect blende that signals Nazizi’s return to delivery.

This song isn’t the only one, there still more works being developed by ‘Beat Ya Keggah’, so we should be looking out. Until then get the song by dialing *808*88# and other listed social media avenues.nazizi-

nazizi on billboards
nazizi on billboards


Here is a trailer for the song:

By: Joan Rangara