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Basketball is a game in a class of its own. There’s certain finesse to shooting hoops you gotta admit that can’t be found near, say, a football pitch. They way they weave around each other in the court, the speed and accuracy required in shooting and the sheer coordination skills exhibited are just about its defining points. The on going NBA finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, dubbed #TeamLightSkin versus #TeamDarkSkin on social media and by some, Steph Curry versus Lebron James, has been subject of much debate over the past weeks.

Cavs vs Warriors Light Dark Skin Meme


The warriors are in a 3-2 game lead after winning yesterday’s game 104-91. With only two games left, it could go either way. If the warriors win the next game then they win the championship so you can bet the pressure is high on both camps. The media spotlight has been on the young Stephen Curry whose career is starting out the same way as Lebron’s and the fact that they are pitted against each other makes it all the more interesting. James has already proved the point that he’s a superstar while Curry is on that path.

While Lebron is good, perhaps the best, the state warriors have a more talented and complete team thus the odds are kind off balanced out. Still, I think they have a better shot. Curry is so on point and with a strong team behind him, odds are on their side. But this is basketball where odds don’t count for squat. Much bigger factors come into play on the quest for NBA glory.

That said, let’s sit back and wow at Curry’s three pointers while aahing at Lebron’s ball handling and swift passes.

Joe Black