It is not very often that celebrities take time out of their day to open up to their fans on social media, but Capital FM’s Anita Nderu did exactly that a few hours ago. Taking the non conventional route, the beautiful presenter decided to have a snapping session with her fans on SnapChat. Anita answered questions candidly and we got to find out some pretty interesting stuff about the lass.

Anita made it clear that she is anti weaves and totally rocks her natural hair all the time. She also stated that she can never use a nganya unless she absolutely has to, and the reason for this is pretty interesting. When she was once in a mat, she had one of her boobs grabbed by some random guy and when she shouted at him, he continued to hold on it. That is pretty disturbing and absolutely violating to say the least.

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Through her snapchat session Anita proved that she is quite humble and outgoing. She says she mostly has male best friends and only has one female best friend. She ain’t got time for fake friends!

Anita revealed that she is definitely not single and would not trade in her boyfriend for anything or anyone even Trevor Noah! We really do like this open side of Anita, its refreshingly different from most of the celebrities we have. See the entire shanpcat conversation below.

Video Source- Ghafla