Yet another time of the year where we get frustrated from NEMA rules. You may have experienced difficulties from their previous total ban of the use plastic paper bag carriers. But you know what? We are Kenyans and we are strong. Together, we shall save our environment by alternative use of plastic bottles. Yes, they are coming for those too. So why not catch up with these useful alternative means I gathered for you? Here are some substitutes for plastic bottles that are more environmental friendly.

Glass bottle

While this is a fragile material, glass is uncompromising, keeps drinks tasting great, maintains its original integrity and stays colder longer out of the refrigerator than plastic. It is also infinitely recyclable and maintains its quality through every time it is remade.

Ceramic bottle

While not new, by any means, ceramic is not as prevalent in the market place either. This is an age-old, eco-friendly style of bottle that behaves similarly to glass with its sturdiness and the ability to keep colder longer. Ceramic containers, however, are even heavier than glass to carry around as well as being fragile, but with new developments in technology, they aren’t as unwieldy as before and often have wraps that reinforce them so they don’t shatter.

Stainless Steel bottle 

Newer stainless steel bottles are lined so that there is no metal taste and this keeps water and all other drinks cold even longer than glass. Metal is a natural temperature conductor, so if it takes on something cold, it will keep it cold, and if its contents are hot, they will stay hot.

Plant Based-Plastics bottle

Some plant-based bottles themselves are edible as well as biodegradable. Yes! Edible! Zinaweza kuliwa While no one may want to actually eat them, it’s good to know that they are safe, don’t impart the same chemicals as other bottles might, and are a new, effective product on the market.

Boxed Water (or Paper Bottles)

This new trend with beverages available in boxes (like wine tetra packs or paper coconut water bottles) has created a unique market. The share it occupies is small right now, but as these grow in popularity there may be more and more on the shelves. Because they are paper, however, they have a limited lifespan – but are 100% recyclable.

Reusable bottles

Other than the paper products, all of the above containers are reusable, plastic included. The most economical and green way to transport drinking water for personal use is in reusable bottles. Getting ones that are sturdy and easy to clean is the most economical solution.

Better takes notes fam. The sooner the better! Think of the environment around you.