Where will be without Netflix? Seriously, where will be? Their shows are amazing, and you can watch them all in a small fee. I am not an advertiser for them though, so I am not going to talk about their prices and packages. You can find that out for yourself.

What am going to talk about is the five high-school shows you absolutely have to watch:


Atypical has all it takes to make good TV teen drama. There is Sam, the boy who has autism; who through his eyes; we get to know how exactly a child on the spectrum lives and copes; through his parents; we get to know what having a child with autism can do to a marriage and to a family and through his younger sister we get to see how having a sibling with autism can shape your whole life.

It is an excellently scripted show, a learning yet entertaining show.


Ah, sex education. Is there really another way to describe this except for the fact that it educated us on sex? And boldly might I add?

Sex education tells the story of Otis, a sixteen-year-old sex therapist who is a virgin. Sounds weird right? Well, sex education is all about the weird. From Otis’ mother who is a professional sex therapist who does not shy away from talking masturbation with her son; to the friendship between Otis and Maeve, the pink-haired “bad” girl who everyone fears; to weird sexual cases in school that the students come to Otis for.



How does it feel to be fifteen, still in high school, and a witch? Sabrina, in the chilling adventures of Sabrina, shows us how exactly it is. She is a dark witch though, promises to the dark one once she turns sixteen, so her life is more complicated than just homework, cute boys and best friends.



You are a barely fifteen-year-old girl. You live in a neighborhood that is basically ruled by gangs. Your best friends are all boys; and one of the boys, the cute one you have a crush on, has just joined the gang. You come from summer, all grown up and find one of your best friends, the cute boy you have a crush on, has just joined one of the gangs.

You like him, and so you decide your mission is to save him?

How exactly do you go about it?

Monse, in On My Block, shows us how exactly you can do that. It is a story of friendships broken and med, of love pure and young and first.



In need of a laugh? Prince of Peoria will get you in stitches. Seriously. It is a funny one this one. It is about Emil; the prince of Peoria; who because of being sheltered his whole life; decided to come to America to live as a normal teenager.

He found a host family, which happens to be Teddy’s, a boy who cares about nothing but his robots.

You will be unable to uncontain your laughter by Emil’s silliness, his ability to annoy Teddy; his lack of boundaries and his spirited fight of making Teddy his best friend.