The festive season is here. And that means catching up with lost family members, going on holiday, over eating and of course… bingeing on Netflix!

If you’re going to spend hours on Netflix this Christmas season, then here are a couple of binge worthy movies to get you in the holiday spirit:

1. Get Santa

When young Tom find Santa himself crashed in his garden shed. Santa is forced to ask Tom and his dad Steve for help. With just a few days before Christmas arrives, the trio have just hours to gather up the reindeer running rampant through the streets of London. While Steve tries to deal with his parole officer, having recently been released from jail for his work as a getaway driver, he’ll have to bend the rules of the law to save the day once and for all. It’s a charming British holiday flick, perfect for this time of the year.


2. Bad Santa 2

If you haven’t watched Bad Santa 1 what are you waiting for? Bad Santa 2 is bigger and better. Drunk, angry, and deeper in depression than ever, Willie once again teams up with Marcus to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. This is the best way to spend your Christmas eve.

3. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

What is Christmas without a little romance! After Amber successfully blogged about Richard’s true self and managed to win his heart, she’s living in Aldonia and preparing herself for the marriage of a lifetime, with Richard finally set to get the crown that’s rightfully his. The wedding will be set on Christmas, and for a bit, everything seems right. That is, until Amber realizes that her time of being a blogger and an aspiring journalist is likely limited. Finding herself split between loving her job and her fiance, she begins to rethink the wedding—and whether she’s cut out to be the queen of an entire nation.