Everywhere you go, you are bound to hear something about the Corona Virus. It is a global pandemic and all, but sometimes our minds need to forget even just for one hour. Be happy again. Live. Have fun. But having fun is also limited because we have to distance ourselves socially. It may seem like we have reached the epitome of boredom, especially when you are an extrovert and thrive in the presence of people.

However, Netflix, the killer of all boredom, will not allow this to happen. Apart from providing awesome series/ movies catered for all ages, races, sexualities, Netflix has introduced a new Chrome extension called Netflix Party that lets you watch anything together remotely with your friends.

So if you and your friends were watching the new season of On My Block and suddenly everyone has to stay indoors in their own homes, the fun can still continue.

How it works is that you first ensure all of your friends have Netflix accounts that they can access to, then go to the Netflix Party Website and install it, and add the extension of your chrome web browser. After that, it is pretty simple.

On your Netflix account, click on the NP button which will create a link that you then share with your friends, and once they join in, you can watch anything you want, while chatting online in the chatbox provided beside the screen.

No more getting bored alone!