The blaze Hub season two just came to an end with the best ahead of the rest being crowned. Vanessa Akinyi Oduor from State House Girls High School was the star of the event. She was the winner of a stunning fifty thousand shilling from Blaze, The Youth Network in partnership with the Insyder. But before the juicy details, how did she manage to walk away with the prize?

Blaze sponsors different events related to the youth every year. The music festivals being one of their major events. They have been sponsoring the contemporary ‘zilizopendwa’ for two years in a row. Schools that perform exemplary in the category manage to pick students who are engaged in a boot camp by Blaze. Fifteen students from different schools are taken in for the boot camp. They are mentored about all that entails in the music industry by the best mentors like Eric Musyoka, producer a Decimal Records. Other mentors include Fena Gitu, a female rapper in the industry and Abel Mutua a famous content producer in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Four out of the fifteen are chosen through a rigorous vetting process. The four of the fifteen record their music with Eric Musyoka and get a chance to even shoot videos. Once this is done the videos are uploaded on different social media websites (Facebook, Instagram and twitter) and voting from the youth takes place. Whoever emerges the highest in terms of votes from all social media sites gets the 50,000 shillings worth of school fees from Blaze.

This is how Vanessa managed to win the Blaze Hub season two. Vanessa’s crowning ceremony was undertaken in State House Girls High School on 30TH January 2019. It was a colorful ceremony that saw all the stakeholders in attendance. The school, Blaze team and Insyder team worked hand in hand to ensure the event went smoothly. Vanessa was called upon the stage to receive her prize money but before that had to perform the song that made her a star in front of the massive crowd.

Speeches are always part of a successful event. The main message of the event was ‘never give ups on your dreams no matter how big or small they may seem.’ This was directed out to all the students in attendance and mostly the Kenyan teenager.


Teenagers may have talents but might not have a platform to bring them out. That is where Blaze comes in. Blaze ensures the Kenyan teenager with a talent is identified, nurtured and their potential brought out to the world. This might also be the teenagers’ platform to earn cash out of their talents and abilities.

Just like Vanessa, anyone can become a star and celebrity if you put your mind to it and never give up.

Photo credits: Simeon Onderi