It’s been a long time coming but well here is a major eye opener from the boss lady. Well most of us are looking forward to completing studies and getting a dream job and that has been the major reason why we all study smart in order to make it to the other side of the tunnel. Think about the career you are planning to pursue you see that one that gives you smiles when you think about it? Yes that’s what I’m talking about. There is a specific company that you always have an eye on since it is your dream place of work. Even if you’re not planning to be employed for the rest of your life, there is somewhere you always wish to work just for the experience or rather use it as a stepping stone towards finding enough resources in order to start your own. By now I’m sure you know what I’m driving at and if not worry not I’m here to take you through this. Picture this you’ve completed with your studies and now ready for the job you’ve always wanted but there is a major trap somewhere EXPERRIENCE. This is a major barrier that hinders youths from getting to where they want. During this transition you probably will hunt for a job for you to gain experience or rather for you to boost your curriculum vitae which plays a major role in your career life.

You take the bold step, send an application for interning at a certain company and luckily enough you get an opportunity to work somewhere. The red line lies here now, you’re definitely new in this game and so you tend to be naive and take whatever is given to you. For some companies they probably provide some facilitation for the interns and for some they do not, however this is dependent on their terms of operation. At this moment you are so excited about everything but this is where you should calm your hormones and be on the watch out. Some companies are so corny and will tend to take advantage of you since you are a “baby” in the field. They will overload you with lots of work, give you a lot of pressure to deliver and on the other hand not reward you as well. If it’s an internship where you are not paid just ensure you get a job description or a schedule that you will follow. If it is a paid internship ensure you get a contract before you start your internship stating what is expected from you and what you expect from your employer. The contract in most cases entails the job description ensure you stick to that in order to avoid being exploited by the big sharks in that place of work. When provided with a contract ensure you take your time to understand the terms and conditions before you put your signature down. Some companies are good enough and keep their promises however some are not. You would never know until you get a chance to work with either.

Well here is a take out for you if you land in the hands of exploiters. Remember this is life and without paying proper attention people might use you. Someone once said the world is never fair but oh well, I could say people are not fair. Some people think just because you hold a very minor position you definitely are supposed to be exploited and not speak. This is where I need you to sit comfortably, breathe in and read this well. Let us assume you deliver according to their expectation and still not get any facilitation as per the agreement. In as much as you’re are there for the experience do not accept to be used. If the company you’re working for doesn’t keep their promise it’s time to LEAVE and definitely warn your friends about it because you don’t want them to go through the same Ill treatment.
Yes, many have been exploited but they hold on with a hope for change but sis, bro, it’s not worth it, leave it. There are greener pastures our there and you are a great mind you deserve better. Yes they might have helped you to make connections or know better people but heeeeey….don’t let that blind you at any moment, an agreement should be honoured. Be wise, get to know how the people you are working for even treat other people who work for them even if it is for short projects, with that you can be able to know how they are often likely to handle you as an intern.
Get the experience and better your skills and network maximally. This is so personal but it will help you in your journey. You are great and that means you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve.