Necessity is the mother of invention!!! We need to move around but petrol is so very expensive! So in the UK, a new bus started its rounds on Monday and it runs on human poop! Talk of ultimate recycling.

poop-busThe A4 bus service from Bristol to bath runs on nothing but human poop and food waste. With a full tank, the bus can travel up to 299 KMs. It is also awesome for the environment. This fuel has 30% lower emissions compared to its diesel powered counterparts.

Mohammed Saddiq from GENeco (the company that runs the sewage treatment facility providing the fuel), said that a person’s annual waste could power the bus for around 59 KMs.

poopThey say the bus does not stink. The bio methane gas is generated from sewage using bacteria that breaks down bio-waste onto methane and carbon dioxide. Throughout the process, all impurities are removed to produce odour free emissions.

Source: CNN