The ever evolving sheng’ culture in the country means you always have to keep up with the newest trends and what’s rocking on the streets. We have therefore compiled some of the hottest sheng’ words on the streets right now so that you don’t feel left out:

Word: Jisune

Meaning: Put oneself in

Sentence: Usijisune kwa ngori zenye hazikuhusu.


Word: Utothi  

Meaning: Stupidity/foolishness

Sentence: Mawathii wa Pach hukuwa na utothi mob sana.


Word: Unenge

Meaning: Hunger

Sentence: Lesson za hapo 11 huwa hard kuconcentrate juu ya unenge jooh


Word: Sajah

Meaning: God

Sentence:  Nashukuru Sajah kwa kunibless hii mwaka


Word: Surwa

Meaning: Keroma

Sentence: Keroma bila surwa haifai ugali.


Word: Fadhela  

Meaning: Father/Dad

Sentence: Fadhela wangu anadai lazima ninyoe nywele


Word: Mangulula

Meaning: To eat

Sentence: Naishia ivo kumangulula kwa madhe


Word: Orioba  

Meaning: Kariobangi

Sentence: Si huishia ivo Orioba kuguza PS na boyz wangu


Word: Oroso

Meaning: Cross-country

Sentence: Kuna vile siezi ishia oroso na hii weather


Word: Parasha  

Meaning: Rumors

Sentence: Iyo story ya Johntez na Maggie kudate ilikuwa tu parasha


Word: Tyabe

Meaning: Tea

Sentence: Leo nilikosa tyabe morning juu nilichelewa kuingia DH


Word: Alaji

Meaning: Rich person

Sentence: Buda ya denno anakuwaga alaji juu ya izo madeal za gava


Word: Rende

Meaning: Crew/Clique

Sentence: Rende ya 3K huwa wazii


Word: Kamudhe  

Meaning: Come

Sentence: Madem wa Choxx walikamudhe chuo yetu benchmarking