Snapchat has provided a new update for its users, and let’s just say everyone is not feeling the changes that were made. If you are not reacting, then you probably need to update your Snapchat.

For starters, when you swipe left you no longer see a list of your friends and all the people you follow. Now the discover page is mixed in with those you are following. In the previous version of the app, all the stories from your friends and celebrities were listed on one page in a nice chronological order and brands were separated in another. It was easy to use, quick to scan through, and simple to decide who’s day you wanna snoop on and who you want to avoid at all costs.

As for your friends, you now have to swipe right; you’ll see your list of friends mixed with the last people you may have chatted with.Agggrr!So annoying!

We have all grown to love Snapchat, but it’s obvious this new update will take some time to get used to.

Here is what snappers saying on social media.

Your thoughts? Are you digging this new Snapchat vibe?