It’s a busy period in Kenya with almost everybody’s attention focused on the upcoming General Election. As such, many artistes are adamant in releasing new videos for their songs, but that isn’t the same with top brass Octo, King Kaka and Akothee. King Kaka released his latest video yesterday “Koth Biro” featuring Ayub Ogada. In the song video, he focuses on the North Eastern side of Kenya that is mostly drought-hit.

“I saw kids walking half a day just to get 5litres of water, I saw kids who had malnutrition, I saw a family who haven’t seen a descent meal in weeks, and when all is lost they survive on wild fruits called ‘Makoma’ its not that tasty but keeps the tummy full at 0:59sec, In the same country that people throw away food and we leave our taps running and money meant for hunger/drought is embezzled. Play your part.,” he says.

Octo too released a new video “Nu Africa” in which he also gets to talk about Africa, showing it’s different faces. In the song he brings out his expertise in wordplay like always, and the chorus is smoothly done by somebody else.

Akothee has been silent for some time. Her social media pages have been inactive and days ago a video of her did rounds on social media with some alleging that she had gone crazy. Well, as always, it was a publicity stunt, a scene out of her new video Baby Daddy. Well, here is the video.