The 23-year-old Barcelona star was in court yesterday for over an hour, following the claims made against him by a Brazilian Investment group concerning his transfer to Barcelona. neymar confrence

The prosecutors in court claims that Barcelona and Neymar intentionally withheld the real amount of the player’s transfer to Barcelona, with Neymar’s father being the master mind of the fraud. The team maintains that the deal cost 74 million $ at the time but investigations in Spain show that Barcelona paid 90 million $ at the time to acquire Neymar.neymar1

Apparently yesterday wasn’t the only day Neymar had a case to answer. Last year Neymar’s property, valued at 189 million Brazilian reals, was frozen by the Brazilian tax office, following the allegation of tax evasion. Supposedly Neymar signed several contracts with Santos and Barcelona to do publicity work, but the money was paid into his father’s account to reduce their tax burden.Neymar

Neymar denies any of these wrong doings and posted on his personal website on Monday defending himself by saying the prosecution in his case was just looking for ‘lime light’. Though he made no comment on his testimony from court yesterday.

By: Joan Rangara

Sources: Standard Sports