Nganya culture is such a huge part of our lifestyles. Those guys of route 33, 48 and 46 poleni sana if you cannot relate to how amazing a matatu ride can be.  Last year Rongai matatus reigned supreme, they have some of the best matatus on the roads.  The Nganya Awards are back for the third time and the event is now as legit as they come.

Grip ventures Kenya Ltd in collaboration with various stakeholders in the PSV industry included have organized the Awards which will go down on the 3rd of December 2016, at KICC Courtyard.

Now we can reward those nganyas with amazing sound systems, creative graffiti and outstanding body features.  Research shows that it takes over 2 million shillings to upgrade your average nganya, that is definitely not cheap at all.

The event will have two main attractions: a motor show that will showcase the unique matatus and the award ceremony.

See the various categories below and head on over to to vote for your favorite nganya.