Fans of the Phantom nganya are outraged after the hott mat failed to win Matatu of the Year awards at the concluded Rongai Matatu Awards. 

There in no doubt that Rongai has the best matatus on these Nairobi streets, and people sure love to ride on them. Some even hire the matatus for street parties and raves.

The awards which are held annually are all about celebrating the ever vibrant matatu culture. This past Sunday, Nakeel grounds is where it all went down.


It all came down to the two hottest nganyas Catalyst and Phantom 


Image result for catalyst rongai matatu

Catalyst was announced the Matatu of the year, and the crowd was not having it; chaos erupted with most feeling that the matatu was rigged in. It is clear the Phantom was the people’s choice.

It is said that phantom management gave back their runner’s up certificate and dissociated themselves from the awards.