NTSA in conjunction with the Gender Equality Now launches a campaign against gender-based Violence in public service vehicles- #NganyaSafe

The campaign, #NganyaSafe is based on creating awareness and speaking against gender-based violence and assault in all PSVs.

Public service vehicles will now be safe for all you ladies through #NganyaSafe .You do not have to worry about being harassed anymore. With the harassment while boarding matatus on the rise, this is definitely something that will bring justice to all victims of harassment and assault.

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Stickers clearly stuck on the inside of PSVs already read #MyMatatuStory with a hotline number (070932000) to report cases of assault.

This is also only an opportunity to educate the Matatu operators- drivers and matatus on the need to ensure that those issues are reported. In the PSV regulations, passengers are supposed to be treated with courtesy.

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