Mariah Cannon SplitSo we all know that in Hollywood relationships are like rubber band; the further it stretches, it snaps within seconds. It becomes normal and nobody cares at the end of it all.

But last year’s painful break up goes to the beautiful Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, after six beautiful years of marriage (the couple were blessed with adorable twins) Nick Cannon recently filed for divorce from Mariah, as he described Mariah her a “mess”.

Nick Cannot Tattoo Cover UpNick had tattooed his wife’s name on his back and was recently spotted with a new tattoo which covered up his old Mariah tattoo. Apparently the tatt job took up to 30 hours!

Nick Cannon Tatt jobNick added a message that read ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’ to his lower back, as well as two cherubs that flanked the Crucifix, the gossip site reports.

The website adds the two cherubs symbolize his twins with Mariah, three-year-old Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

Nick Cannot Tattoo Cover Up Nick Cannon Tatt Cover UpHowever, blood is always thicker than water; Nick admitted to always be there for his kids even though he moves on without them. I feel for those kids growing up will be a disaster. All the best to the both of them; we hope they reconcile, at least for the kids’ sake.

Story by Doug L Fresh