Nicki Minaj performed to a packed crowd Saturday, despite human rights activists and critics calling for her concert to be canceled in  Angola.

Carefree: The Anaconda singer brushed off accusations she's 'taking money from a dictator' and posed in her stage wear of a see-through black jumpsuit with tiny black panties and strategically placed embellishments

The 33-year-old rapper was performing in the capital city of Luanda at a Christmas party hosted by the Unitel communications firm, which is part-owned by the family of the country’s controversial President Jose Eduardo dos SantosDid the deed: Following the gig, she shared this snap of herself kicking back wrapped in an Angolan flag

Take a look at one of the outfits she wore while performing.

Protests: Human rights groups had called on Minaj (left) to cancel the gig, saying her performance would endorse the authoritarian rule of Angolan President Eduardo dos Santos (right)

She clearly showed the haters that she will always turn up and perform despite opposition.