Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia, 6, Slams Nicki Minaj: You’re a ‘Total Loser’

Shots have been fired at Nicki Minaj once again — from a 6-year-old! Farrah Abraham brought her daughter, Sophia, into her feud with Nicki, and the little girl had some (kid-friendly) choice words for the rapper. See what she said below!

Things have not settled between Farrah Abraham, 24, and Nicki Minaj, at least not until the Teen Mom OG star’s daughter gets the last word. Farrah and the 33-year-old rapper have exchanged some not-so-nice comments in a full-on Twitter feud, and apparently Farrah’s daughter, Sophia Abraham, has caught wind of every naughty thing Nicki has thrown at her mom. Sophia may only be 6, but she sure knows how to serve some sass like Farrah!

Nicki hasn’t exactly censored her shade toward Farrah during their feud, and Sophia made sure to remind her that bad words get you in trouble. Without using bad words herself — uh duh, she’s 6 — Sophia dished some of the biggest shade a first grader can throw in a brief video message to her 17,000 Twitter followers. Sophia declared, “Hi everybody, Nicki Minaj is a total loser.”

Looks like someone was inspired by her momma! Some people weren’t too enthused that Farrah would bring her daughter into her nasty feud with Nicki, but Sophia didn’t seem to mind backing her mom up. Hey, at least she knew not to use the same words Nicki did!